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For Q1 I need the answer from this link “https://youtu.be/3bgL8y3xHYo” 

Q1: What stood out to you and why? After reading/viewing the various rhetorical analyses, which one(s) is/are your favorite(s) and why?  How did reading/viewing that analysis helps you to better understand the assignment?

( I want you to write a paragraph 4-7 sentences and explain the topic “”Rhetorical Analysis of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space'” and answer the question above) 


For Q2 there are two files 1. Project 3 Sample E1 – 2. Project 3 Sample E2

Please answer the following questions: ( I wrote inside the parentheses some of the answers that might help you)

Reviewing Other Rhetorical Analysis:
Q2: If you browse the selection of Sample Student Essays and Presentations available under Project Three (on our Content page), you will see a variety of approaches and subjects. Choose two to work with and respond to the questions below.

(Please take a look at the two files that I’ve attached “Project 3 Sample E1/ Project 3 Sample E2” to answer all the following questions)

1. Identify the two selections you will be responding to here. (The Weight of the Cape , Without the Lights)

2. Copy the thesis statements for each Project here.

3. Identify at least two details from each Project that the writers focus on to support and prove their thesis.

4. How do the writers use visuals to help underscore and illustrate their points?

5. What is the strongest aspect of each Project?

6. Identify one thing each writer could do to make their analysis stronger.

7. On a scale of 1-5 (1 = weak, 2 = poor, 3 = average, 4 = strong, 5 = excellent), rate the overall success of each Project. Write a couple of sentences for each rating to explain your ratings.

8. What have you learned that you can apply to your own Rhetorical Analysis?

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