Microsoft Access

Quick Checks AC-139

1.       In Datasheet view, what is the difference between navigation mode and editing mode?

2.       What command can you use in Datasheet view to remove the display of one or more fields from the datasheet?

3.       What is a select query?

4.       Describe the field list and the design grid in query window in Design view.

5.       How are a table datasheet and a query datasheet similar? How are the different?

6.       For a date/time field, how do the records appear when sorted in ascending order?

7.       When you define multiple sort fields in Design view, describe how the sort fields must be positioned in the design grid?

8.       A __________________ is a set of restrictions you place on the records in an open data sheet or form to isolate a subset of records temporarily.



Quick Checks AC-170


1.       A _______________ is a criterion, or rule, that determines which records are selected for a query datasheet.

2.       In the design grid, where do you place the conditions for two different fields when you use the And logical operator?

3.       To perform a calculation in a query, you define a ____________________.

4.       Which Access tool do you use to create an expression for a calculated field in a query?

5.       What is an aggregate function?

6.       The ___________________ operator divides selected records into groups based on the values in a field.

7.       What is the default category for the display of objects in the Navigation Pane?



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