Michigan State University International Politics and President Trump Report

Question Description

Your initial task is to find a recent newspaper article from one of the approved newspapers that you can link to specific course content. By recent, I mean the article must have been published within the last week from when the assignment is due. The dates here are very important. For example, the first assignment is due on Sunday, September 8. This means the article you select cannot have been published any earlier than Sunday, September 1. The schedule below tells you what course topic (i.e., course content) you must link the article to. Some weeks cover multiple topics; you must link to the specific topic listed below. The article must come from one of the following newspapers: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, or Los Angeles Times. Furthermore, it must be a news article and not an opinion piece or op-ed. You can specifically search the NYT, WaPo, and LAT via LexisNexis Academic. Factiva allows you to browse the various sections of all of these papers.

Before this eassy you will have to find a news article form ( New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, or Los Angeles Times.) during 11/17-11/24/ 2019 and summarize into a essay. The essay have to associate with the lecture about “International Politics” which I will upload in seconds.

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