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Total three question. U can find same question and all answer on google and chegg. U better have a chegg account. But you have to use your own words to write answers and avoid plagiarism.


Question 1: (40 pts)

Suppose you decide to start a business that recruits students for summer jobs. You will match available students with available jobs. You need to learn what positions are available and what students are available for filling those positions. In starting your business, you know you will be competing with local newspapers, Craigslist (, and with your college. You will probably have other local competitors as well.

Analyze the structure of this industry according to Porter’s five forces model. (15 pts; 3 pts for each of the five forces, should identify each force correctly or the answers should make sense)

  1. Given your analysis in part a, recommend a competitive strategy. (5 pts)
  2. Describe the primary value chain activities as they apply to this business. (5 pts)
  3. Describe a business process for recruiting students. (5 pts)
  4. Describe information systems that could be used to support the business process in part d. (5 pts)
  5. Explain how the process you describe in part d and the system you describe in part e reflect
  6. your competitive strategy. (5 pts)

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