METR 112 Homework assignment. (answer the questions,not an essay)

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METR 112 Homework assignment. 10 pt

1. In your field of study, find one example of positive feedback loop and one negative feedback loop. (2pt)

2. Permafrost is the frozen land in high latitude and high mountains. It contains soil organics. If permafrost starts to melt as a result of temperature rise, it will release methane (CH4), a greenhouse gas. Please discuss what will happen next? What kind of feedback loop is this? (3pt)

3. Use your words to describe the ice-albedo feedback loop. And briefly discuss why it should be closely monitored? (3pt)

4. Various proxy data are used to study climate condition in the past. Please pick one you find interesting, and briefly describe how does it work? (2pt)

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