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you are to respond to the two posts below in at least 150 words each.
If their situation is positive, give feedback as to how you will apply their positive experience the next time you are in a writing bind.
If the situation is negative, offer two pieces of advice to the situation described in other students’ responses.
Use your personal experience, if it’s relevant, to support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues professionally and provide examples to support them

1- FIRST STUDENT: All the Ted talks were very interesting my favorite one being the first one by John Mcwhorter as his correlation between texting, speech, and writing was extremely interesting I have never once thought about it so deeply and seen the connection between the three. The second talk by Lera Borditsky stood out due to her doing a great job of pointing out how language blatantly shows our differences in culture with no remorse as the tribe of people she met literally looked at directions and time different then any other culture I’ve ever heard of. The third talk by Mark Pagel had a detail that stood out to me the most was the talk of chimps and Neanderthals not having the ability of “social learning” like humans do. My reactions to the talks were surprised as all of the talks except for Pagels’ talked heavily about about a topic I have never thought about before; texting’s heavy impact on language and speech that it has and will continue to have and how being born with a language doesn’t just affect how you speak but also your ways. I agreed with all of the talks they all had great insight on how language works and how it has changed, can change based on location, and will change in the future. I have no other languages I know besides english but I do express myself differently depending on who I am talking to though I definitely have never used code shifting. These resources have not changed my outlook on language and audience at all as they all seemed very professionally relaxed, they all were in the medium of talking like a teacher and a friend at the same time I didn’t find myself thinking about their language and audience even once. These Ted talks will likely not affect how I write in this class or the future but they definitely will change how I look at writing and language from this point forward. My favorite line was form the second ted talk when Bordisky was talking about how english differs from other languages and said “In English, quite weirdly, we can even say things like, ‘I broke my arm.’ Now, in lots of languages, you couldn’t use that construction unless you are a lunatic and you went out looking to break your arm — (Laughter) and you succeeded. If it was an accident, you would use a different construction.” I thought that this was not only funny but also very interesting as I didn’t know that the phrase “I broke my arm” would sound insane if said to someone who speaks a different language.


SECOND STUDENT: In John’s first video, he explained that texting is a killer language because texting is not writing at all and it is loose in structure. Speech is two languages, like general speech, and speech is like writing. When Edward Everett spoke, he was speaking like writing, and people stood up and heard him and were drawn to him. The point of this video is that speaking, like writing is more flexible and it a telegraphic nature.

In the second video, Lera Boroditsky says how language shapes they way of thinking and how the human mind is genius and flexible, there are 7000 language spoken in the world, and the languages differ from each other, some language have different vocabulary and sound in some countries, like the Kuuk Thaayorre people, they don’t use words like right and left instead they use north, south east, and west. Speaker of different language think differently.

Mark Pagel was talking about how language transformed human language and that social learning is visual theft by stealing other people’s best ideas and making use of them without the time and energy that went into developing them. the development of communication system allows us to share ideas and collaborate with others.

My reactions, I was surprised in some lines, there are words and symbols that have developed at the present time. Yes I agree with Mcwhorter because the slang has changed since the era of a love story and there is a new way of writing that young people develop this mean that they are able to do two things, first, the growing evidence that you are a correct pair in terms of your writing. second, that the texting is a method of writing that young people develop and expand their linguistic repertoire.

No, I don’t have the same experience. I have noticed that he changes the subject in slash it’s interesting i don’t really know this experience in transcoding. My experience is to change the subject with different words like hello, how are you now? The slash method will change the subject safely and easily.

I will change my way i will strive for an ideal way to adjust my writing style and that the main function of language is to speak and communicate with each other and that language is an important aspect in our daily life and has a great and clear impact on developing ideas and communicating them to others.

That is my favorite line in the first video when Mcwhorter said, “please show me a sheaf of texts written by 16- year-old girl, because i would want to know where this language had developed since our times”

In the second video Boroditsky says, there are about 7000 languages spoken aroud the world. “So if you ask German and Spanish speakers to say, describe a bridge, like the one here bridge happens to be grammatically feminine in German grammatically masculine in Spanish –German spekers are more likely to say bridges are beautiful, elegant and stereotypically feminine words. Whereas Spanish speakers will be more likely to say they’re strong or long these masculine words”.

Mark Pagel says,”We can learn watching other people and coping or imitating what they can. We can then choose, from among a range of options the best one

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