mental aspect

Antonella Monrreal

SES 465

January 22, 2018

I had various reasons in why I chose to major in Sport and Exercise Psychology. My reasons varied from personal experience, friends, research, and family. All of these played a role on why I became fascinated with sports and exercise psychology and it has changed the way I see sports and elite athletes. It has taught me that being the best player is more than just being good physically. The mental aspect of the game plays a major role.

As I came into my first year of college, I knew I wanted to major in something that related to sports since it is the only thing that I care about. I first started as an Applied Sports and Exercise Sciences major my first semester. I wasn’t quite satisfied with what I was studying. In my opinion, it had too much science and math involved which are the subjects I hate the most. I couldn’t see myself continuing that path. I wanted something different and that actually intrigued me.

During my first semester of college, my teammate told me that she was majoring in Exercises and Sport Psychology. I had no idea that Barry University offered Sport Psychology as an undergraduate program. I honestly had no idea that sports psychology existed as a field of study. That same day, I went back home and did lots of research on sport psychology. I fell in love with it. Many ideas were coming into my mind about what I could do with a degree in Sport Psychology which was starting my own private practice and at the same time owning indoor soccer fields. The idea was and still is to be able to help athletes physically and mentally one session at a time. Focusing on soccer players.

After obtaining more information and speaking with my family about it, I decided that I was going to switch my major to Sport and Exercise Psychology. I am blessed that I have afamily that supports me with any decision I make. They did not force me to study a specific major, I had total freedom on what I chose to study and career choices. The main reason I chose to major in Sport Psychology is because I wanted to applied what I learned in class to the field during games and practices. Since young, I always considered myself a mental player. It was very clear. My parents even knew when I was going to have a good or bad game depending on how my mood was on the car ride to the game. If I was feeling stressed, pressured, and worried I would not perform at my best during games. I allowed external factor such as relationship problems and family affect my performance. I also lacked confidence in my abilities. Lack of confidence was my biggest weakness. These are all things that I knew I needed to work on but I had no idea how to. Choosing Exercise and Sports Psychology felt like the best option and most beneficial one for myself.

In conclusion, many things lead to my decision to major in Sport and Exercise psychology. My personal experience with soccer, being a mental player, and low confidence motivated me to want to learn more about sport psychology and being able to applied to games and practices. When I was informed by a teammate that Barry offered Sport and Exercise Psychology as an undergraduate program, I did endless research on what it was and what you can do with a degree on it. I was completely fascinated by it. Many career goals came to mind as I was doing the research. Most importantly, my family support allowed and motivated me to major in this field, as they also thought it was a great career choice.

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