Members of Goodlife Gym pay on

Members of Goodlife Gym pay on average $32 once per month in the
gym. Variable cost such as towels, soap and shampoo, and
disinfectant associated with each customer is $7 per month.

a) GoodLife’s retention rate is 91% per year. What is the CLTV
of a Goodlife’s costumer if an annual rate of interest is 7%?
(Hint: use the Traditional formula)

b) Find CLTV if a customer is expected to stay for 3 years. Use
the Easy method.

c) Find the CLTV using the Simple formula if the retention rate
is 91 %.(0.5 mark)

d) Find the CLTV using the DCF method over 3 years, at 11.25 %
compounded quarterly.

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