Mee and Eberhardt (Technometri

Mee and Eberhardt (Technometrics, 1996, Vol. 38, pp. 221–229) gave data from a calibration of alpha track detectors that are used to measure indoor concentrations of radon, 222Rn. The data are on radon exposure, the predictor variable, with the response variable being an optical count of the number of damaged tracks caused by radioactive decays over a specified area of the film. The data are given in file RADON2.MTW.

 (a) Does there appear to be a strong enough relationship between radon exposure and the number of damaged tracks for a prediction interval and/or calibration confidence interval to be useful? Explain.

(b) Obtain a general expression, as a function of x, for a 99% prediction interval.

(c) Assume there was interest in obtaining a calibration confidence interval when the number of damaged tracks is 200. Obtain the 95% confidence interval.

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