MC J522 Excelsior College Cri

“The criminl justice system, like any system designed by human beings, clearly has its flaws.”

~Ben Whishaw

Criminal justice issues are influenced by public opinion, special interest groups, political whims of elected officials, and the resources dedicated to solving them. The policy process is extensive and in order for policymakers to get a better picture of what the problem is, research needs to be considered in order to determine if the current policy can address the problem or another one needs to be developed. For those responsible for creating policy, it’s important to understand how laws work and how politics, media, and public opinion influence the policymaking process. One must also understand how crime works and how those in office can address the crime problem. This article (Links to an external site.) discusses the policy process in detail, including formulation, evaluation, implementation, public policy analysis, and what influences criminal justice policies.

For your final assignment, you will be drafting a proposal for criminal justice reform related to the issue of wrongful convictions (Links to an external site.)” You will need to prepare a voice-over Powerpoint presentation that you will be hypothetically presenting to the City Council. In this proposal, you will discuss how the criminal justice system should address wrongful convictions. You can focus on a particular component of the system (i.e., the police, courts, or corrections) but you also need to include how the other components will be affected.

During the first week of the module, you will prepare a draft of your voice-over Powerpoint presentation that you will submit on Friday for feedback and approval. During the second week of the module, you will refine and revise (if necessary) your voice-over Powerpoint or video proposal for final submission on the last day of the course.

Those who work within the criminal justice system are expected to write professionally. The book, Professional Writing for the Criminal Justice System, addresses the importance of writing for different roles and purposes. For this assignment, please read Part III (Chapters 10 & 11).


As you prepare your proposal, consider the following:

  • Explain the problem of wrongful conviction. Provide a brief history of the problem as well as the status of the problem today.
  • Present some of the research (i.e., criminological theory) used to explain wrongful convictions.
  • Discuss previous policies that have been created to address wrongful convictions.
  • Discuss the ethical dilemmas associated with wrongful convictions.
  • Present your proposal and be sure to discuss how all segments of the system (i.e., police, courts, and corrections) will be affected.
  • Consider current events (e.g., mistakes by labs leading to overturn of convictions, limited budgets) and include examples, if you feel it strengthens your proposal. Discuss how these events impact your proposal.


  • Present your proposal in a voice-over PowerPoint presentation
  • Include APA style citations and references in the voice-over PowerPoint presentation.
  • References can be included in the “Notes” field. ·
  • The PowerPoint should be approximately 5-7 minutes in length.

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