MBA 2: Leadership and Change in Org & Organization Communications for Leaders

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Sub: Leadership and change in organization.

Task: 250-300 words in length, Identify two developmental experiences you have had that may have strengthened your ability to lead. What did those experiences teach you and how have you shared what you have learned with others? Be specific.

Required Reading :…

Sub: Organizational Comm for Leaders.

a)Task: After reading the chapter section and the online article/mini lecture on Groupthink(attached documents), use periodicals and other accounts of policy or decision making to investigate a major governmental or business decision that may have been the result of Groupthink. Post a link to the article online or attach it to your message. Try to use a different example than classmates who may have posted before you. In the body of your post, offer a summary of the decision-making process and the implications of the decision. The initial post must be between 250-300 words in length.

b) Mini Assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to observe a community meeting or any organizational group in action to determine effective structure and dynamics, as well as make noteworthy recommendations. If you are unable to attend a meeting in person, feel free to watch a meeting online.

Discuss any meeting “sins” that you may have noticed as you observed. Note any other areas you may have observed. For example, was there a goal to the meeting? Was an agenda presented? How was the meeting managed? Was the leader effective or ineffective? Explain. Was participation among the members equalized or one-sided? Were there quiet or dominating members in the group? Was conflict managed appropriately (if conflict was present)? Any distracting nonverbal communication? Was creative or critical thinking encouraged? Recommendations at the end of the paper are required. Your report should be error free, 12 pt. font size, double spaced and contain a minimum of 2 content pages. Cite our textbook throughout the paper using APA style. Add a title page at the beginning and a reference page at the end of the paper.

– For 2nd and 3rd question, I Have attached required documents , let me know if you need additional references