mathematics 143 1

Chapter 8, section 8A

  • Distinguish between linear and exponential growth or decay.

Chapter 9, sections 9A, 9B, & 9C

  • Determine whether two variables are related in a way that can be described as a function.
  • Describe the relationship between two variables.
  • Create and analyze graphs of functions.
  • Write statements describing how one variable varies in a linear way with respect to another.
  • Create and use linear functions to model situations.
  • Create and use an exponential function to model a situation.
  • Solve applications of exponential growth (and decay).

I need help with 3 mymathlab assignments: Module 5 practice test atleast 90%, 9B homework, and 9C homework. These assignments have unlimited attempts, which consist of about 10 questions each.

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