MATH 1030 Walden University E

Response 1: Respond to at least one classmate using the following:

  • Using your classmate’s diagram, write one equality statement that can be assumed.
  • Explain what this equality means in the context of the situation

This is the post that you will be responding to for the first response:

Amy Moore,

  • The topic I chose to talk about is related to the field I`m currently in. Nursing has historically been a female dominated field and unlike most other fields that has inequality weighing on the side of females, this field sees alot of inequality towards males. This is a total shame because some of the best nurses I know are male. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Men make up only 12% of Registered Nurses ( Although this number is coming up from the 70s in which the number of males in nursing was 2.7% ( The diagram below points out the inequality in males verses females in nursing. { Nursing (a.) , Female (b), Male(c) }{Nursing, Female} {Nursing, Male} {Female, Male}{Nursing}, {Female}, {Male}{}Female Nurse 88% > Male Nurse 12% I don`t think that anyone would be surprised with this information, but It may surprise some people to see the absolute level of inequality in men and woman in the nursing field. After watching the TED talk, It was very surprise how you can basically put anything into a mathematical equation, things in everyday life can be solved by an equation.

Response 2: Respond to at least one other classmate using the following:

  • Explain one type of individual that would fall into your classmate’s last level or the { } group.
  • Explain why this individual would fall into this category.

This is the post that you will be responding to for your first response:


The education system in the U.S is far from perfect; schools are funded based on the income generated within a community. In a high-income community, the schools will be better funded with the best faculty and learning materials, while low-income communities will be left scrapping the budget barrel to provide the best they can afford. This creates an environment where there exists a series of systemic and structural barriers that inhibit opportunities for minorities that live in low-income neighborhoods. So the inequality here could be: high-income communities have > quality of education > low-income communities. A quality education relies on fair funding, income and a supportive environment surrounding the student.

{Funding, Income, environment}

{Funding, income}, {Funding, environment}, {Environment, income}

{Funding}, {Income}, {Environment}

{no funding, no income, no supportive environment}

If you have a properly funded school, a reasonable living income and a supportive environment then there is a higher chance of receiving a well-rounded education. Policy makers could be interested in these results as the first step in creating a world of equal opportunities is to ensure that everyone has access to a quality education regardless of your socioeconomic status.

Please respond to the prompts for each indiviual response.

The grading rubric is the same for this assignment as it was for the discussion post you just completed.

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