Maternal Infant Child department

What are your thoughts

I work in the Maternal Infant Child department and I float to NICU. I do not witness death very often. I care for mostly healthy adults and infants that are stable. Although I haven’t witnessed death very often in my work, it is discussed in length by the nurses who experience it more often, especially by the NICU nurses.

I think I am more comfortable with the idea of death because of these conversations and real stories that include physical and emotional suffering. I have seen infants sufffer so much that there are times when I feel like saving them at such a young age maybe caused them more suffering than it was worth, they are not my child, so I cannot fully make that judgement.  These dilemmas at work have made me more aware that someties death is the better choice, not every life is meant to be saved by any means possible.

My mother-in-law died when I had only been married for a year, she was only 46. This was a very difficult time and we have missed her being a grandmother to our kids. Knowing how faithful she was to Jesus was a comfort at the time. My husband was never angry, just very sad. I think the hope we have in heaven is a great comfort. My experience with death has been limited, I’m sure I have much to learn.

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