MAT 697 Nova Southeastern Uni

This Mirror approach is the framework for our capstone experience. Candidates will reflect on their experiences and metacognitive skills in relation to their program goals and outcomes. For example, candidates will write short reflective pieces that describe what they have learned and how their assignments and experiences have helped them achieve each program outcome. Each description will be supported by at least two pieces of evidence.

Standards: CSLO: 2, and 4; CAEP Standard 3a.1, 3b.1, 4c.1, 4e.1, 6a.1, 6b.1, 6b.2, 6.b.3, 6b.4, 6b.5, 6c.1, and 6c.2

For this assignment, candidates will create a portfolio that includes artifacts demonstrating their mathematics professional growth. To begin this portfolio, candidates will include a statement of their mathematics teaching philosophy along with three professional goals for their teaching experience. The professional goals must address each of the following areas:

(a) Mathematics specific technologies to enhance student learning,

(b) Engage in collaboration with colleagues, school professionals, or other stakeholders to enhance student learning, and

(c) Development of research-based mathematics lesson activities to meet the needs of diverse learners.

After receiving approval on your specific goals from your university supervisor, you will begin to document your journey over the next seven weeks towards meeting your professional goals. For each goal, you will list two activities that you will complete throughout the semester to achieve your individual goals.

The mathematics-specific technology includes at least one activity, which provides evidence that the candidate attended a mathematics education webinar, conference, or workshop. This event is sponsored by a local, state, or national mathematics specific professional organization (e.g., National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics (FCTM), or the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE)) that specifically targets mathematics specific technology. Please be sure to obtain approval from your course instructor prior to attending the event to be sure your selection is acceptable. For the mathematics lesson activities goal, you must include evidence that you drew on resources from professional mathematics education organizations such as print, digital, and virtual resources/collections.

To document your journey to address your professional goals during your teaching experience, you will complete the attached template that will address the following items:

  1. What is your specific goal related to mathematics-specific technology (will you target a specific mathematics technology)?
  2. Describe where you were at the beginning of the semester in relation to your specific goal.
  3. What NCTM standards did you target as part of your specific goal?
  4. List the two activities you will complete achieving your goal. For the mathematic specific technology goal, list the event you attended. For the research-based lesson goal, list the mathematics resources.
  5. Reflect on and share your experiences that occurred during your selected activities? Include a description of what knowledge did you gain from the experiences? Describe how your experiences will influence your teaching and enhance student learning.
  6. Do you feel that you achieved your goal? Why or why not?

In addition to the template, you will need to include evidence that demonstrates you have met your goals as appendices. For each goal, you should have two artifacts, which might include a certificate of completion from a conference, a lesson you created, a video that you create of a lesson, etc.


At my school we used Study Island and Savvas Realize as technology tools.

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