masters level 12 14 pages clear writing style logical and coherent structure grammar and apa format


This is the paper details …. masters level ….. 12-14 pages.

Using the 16 principles to guide action in community development (Part III in Bopp, M. & Bopp, J., pp.63-104),

describe how you might go about assisting a community to respond to a specific issue or need. Briefly describe the

issue or need that you would seek to address. Outline the process you would engage in, being critical in your

reflections (including possible barriers to development and change and what actions may assist in addressing

potential barriers). What steps would you take and why?

In grading your paper, I will be looking for a critical engagement with community development theory and integration

of your experiential knowledge. The paper must meet academic standards for scholarly writing i.e. clear writing style;

logical and coherent structure; correct spelling, grammar, no plagiarism, sentence structure, and APA format.

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