Marlon intends to sell a piece

Marlon intends to sell a piece of real estate he owns and contracts Nita, a real estate broker, to make the sale. In the contract, Marlon authorizes Nita to make the sale at or above a minimum price he wants and the date by which he wants the sale to be completed. The contract also stipulates that Marlon will not hire another broker to sell that piece of land until the contract period expires. Nita finds a suitable buyer, makes the sale in time, and is paid by Marlon for her services. Which of the following types of agency existed between Marlon and Nita?

What is the doctrine of Responeat Superior?

What are complete defenses in negligence cases

The contract clause states:
Defending against a federal district court suit by P, D claims that P has sued him in the wrong federal district court. D has raised a question of:

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