Market Demand Information Pointers

Market Demand Information Pointers
New school and new program applications require both (1) evidence of occupational demand with an analysis of local training competition, and (2) employer surveys with tabulated results. Both items are required as they serve distinct purposes.
(1) Evidence of occupational demand with an analysis of how local training competition impacts the occupational demand for a program’s geographic employment area

The purpose of item 1 is to establish the level of supply (graduates from training competitors) and demand (job openings) for the targeted vocation. The school must show that there is an unmet demand (that is, there are enough job openings/projected job openings such that graduates can reasonably expect to find training-related employment, even with graduates from other similar local programs).
The school should research labor market projections (when available) for the school’s geographic area. AIDitionally, the school should research how many graduates are produced by local competitor programs. If the number of graduates from competitor programs outweighs the number of job openings/projected job openings, there is likely no unmet need for this type of training. A school may provide supplemental or clarifying information about a local labor market need; any supplemental information should be provided in the form of a school’s own analysis with accompanying data or information. Job market information should be relevant to the geographic employment area of the school.

When preparing Market Demand materials:
• Provide an analysis (not just printouts of websites or information, but a written analysis of what the information means about the local labor market and why it supports that there is an unmet training need).
• Emphasis should be on local job openings.
• Review and analyze the information prior to submitting.

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