Management Accounting in Heal

Name ______________________


Please calculate the following ratios using the attached financial statements. Use my formulas even if they are slightly different from the textbook’s.

Show the numbers that you use.

Label each with the name from the list following ratio (G).


Total Margin

Total assets


Accumulated Depreciation / Depreciation Expense


Long-term debt / (Net assets+ Long-term debt)

Name ______________________


Cash + Marketable Securities + Long-term Investments

(Operating Expenses – Depreciation) / 365


Total margin / (Operating revenue + net non-operating income)


Net Patient Accounts Receivable

(Net Patient Services Revenue / 365)


Operating income / Operating revenues

Name ______________________

Formula names

EBITDA coverage ratio Days cash on hand Return on assets

Average age of plant Total margin Debt to capitalization

Days revenue outstanding in accounts receivable Current ratio

Total asset turnover Times interest earned Return on equity

Operating margin


Using the general ledger and ONLY THE ACCOUNTS provided as an attachment, 1) recordthe following transactions, 2) complete and show the trial balance, 3) closing entry and 4) post-closing trial balance, 5) prepare a balance sheet and a 6) statement of operationswith 7) proper headings for the Tricia Jenden Billes Clinic.

Please build your own EXCEL spreadsheets for the general ledger and financial statements.

The beginning balances are as follows: Cash $65,000, Accounts Receivable $40,000, Equipment -0-, Accumulated depreciation -0-, Accounts payable $30,000, Payroll payable $12,000, Net Assets $63,000, Patient revenue -0-, Salaries & Wages -0-, Supply expense -0- and Depreciation -0-.

Transactions and financial statements (accrual basis) for the month ending July 31, 2021.

1)They purchase equipment for $60,000 with $15,000 paid at the date of order with the balance to be paid off over the next 11 months, with no interest charged (accounts payable not notes payable). The equipment is expected to be used for 60 months with no salvage value at the end.

2)Medical & office supplies are ordered and delivered from a vendor in the amount of $5,000. No payment was made at the time the order was delivered. The first payment will be due in August 2021. Supplies will be expensed when received.

3)During the month the practice incurred an obligation to pay employees $25,000 in the following month.

4)They paid various vendors $55,000 for supplies, utilities and services provided and accrued in this month and prior months.

5)The clinic paid its employees $17,000 for hours that they worked in prior periods.

6)Services, which will net $50,000, were provided during the month. $20,000 was collected during the month and the balance is expected next month.

7)Depreciation on the equipment purchased this month is expensed during the month.

8)The clinic collected $35,000 from patients and their insurers for services provided in prior periods.


Name _______________________

(3) Fill in the blanks


Variable Cost

Fixed Cost

Total Cost




_ __





_ __












Your clinic’s revenue and cost structure is as follows:

You expect 3,000 clinic visits next year.

Variable cost/visit $ 64

Fixed costs $ 47,000

Collections/visit $ 78

A)Construct a projected P&L, statement using the above assumptions. (Use the format in Gapenski.) Page 179

B)What volume is required to breakeven?

C)What is the contribution margin per visit and in total at 3,000 visits?

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