Make a questionnaire.

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The topic: Physical education professionals to see their beliefs about the effect of physical education on Childhood obesity.

o Page requirement: 5 pages maximum

o Survey is to be 5 full pages ONLY

o Questions on the Survey should pertain directly to the evaluation purpose and measure the specific objectives – in other words every question should help answer your overarching research question!

o Survey should be completely formatted and spaced – refer to examples provided for correct format and layout

o Add directions for each section that changes (e.g. goes from 6 choice response questions to a Likert Scale). Make sure the directions provide the respondent with the exact expectation for answering the questions

o For example, with a Likert Scale – make sure to provide information about the scale (1 = do not agree to 5 = agree)

o All questions should be numbered sequentially

o The order of the questions should follow from an opening question that generates thought about the evaluation (e.g. “Do you ever experience the fear of crime when recreating alone in a community park setting?”). This opening question is generally a yes, no, maybe response

o Similar questions should be grouped together. For example, if you are asking a series of 5 Likert scale questions, they should be put together.

o Your Survey MUST include the following (but is not limited to):

Question Type

An opening question with either 2 or 3 response choices

Ranking Scale with 6 response choices (fully formatted with selection boxes and directions)

Likert Scale with at least 5 items statements (fully formatted with items, values, anchors, and directions)

A partially closed ended question (e.g. please explain) with directions

An open ended question

At least 4 demographic questions

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