Lummi tribe protect Orcas – Absolutely cannot be late! Hard deadline!

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The topic I choose is : Lummi tribal protect and save orcas

This class is environmental ethics class, mainly talks about environment ethics.

Writing instruction:

This issue brief assignment provides an opportunity for you to analyze your chosen environmental ethics situation, and to receive feedback before drafting the final version of your op-ed. At this stage, you will analyze your topic by completing the following:

For this part of the assignment you are not recommending or advocating a particular position, but you are evaluating various approaches or solutions. You will choose one of these approaches for your final op-ed. For example, you may be writing about a Lummi tribal perspective, Aldo Leopold’s land ethic, Christopher Stone’s arguments for assigning legal standing to nature, or something else. At this stage, you should write about a few different ethical perspectives on your chosen topic. For the final op-ed/open letter, you will choose one you find to be the most convincing.

Part 1: Issue Brief

Instructions: Your issue brief should include the following three sections and respond to the questions included in each section. Write approximately one to two paragraphs per section;this means the issue brief should be approximately 750 words in total. Please label each section. You should write in complete sentences and paragraph form. Do NOT simply list your responses.

1. Situation and Context

  • What is the environmental ethics situation or topic you have chosen?
  • Why is it important or significant?
  • What is happening?
  • Where is it happening?
  • Who is involved?
  • What interests, aims or motivations do the various stakeholders have?
  • What are the most significant causes of the situation?
  • What evidence supports your explanation?

To answer these questions, you will need to do some research. You should include at least two sources from material outside of class and proper bibliographic citation for the sources. You are also welcome to use material from class, but you must also research at least two additional sources.

2. Possible ethical perspectives that could be included in your op-ed/open letter

Here you should identify at least two possible ethical perspectives that you could use to craft your op-ed/open letter. I encourage you to draw from the course materials, including readings and guest speakers. This section should include at least two paragraph that discuss two different ethical perspectives that could apply to your situation.

3. Audience

Who is your intended audience? Specify a publication (such as the Register Guard), an agency/organization/company (such as the Miami Seaquarium), or an individual (such as an elected official). Explain why you have chosen to write to this particular audience for the topic you have chosen.


A grading rubric for this assignment, indicating criteria used to evaluate your work, will be posted to Canvas.

Document Format and Citation Requirements:Please use a standard 12-point font and one inch margins. Please write in complete sentences. Proofread your writing, and check for correct spelling. Be sure to use complete and correction bibliographic citation!!!