LS246 Samford University Antitrust Law in Us Case of Sutter Health Paper

Question Description

Your Legal News

Post a link to a local, national or international news article (October 14, 2019 or later) on this discussion board and explain (500 words or less) how the story demonstrates a legal concept/issue you learned (or that you were supposed to learn) during this class. Your news article needs to come from a “real,” and not a “fake” news site. “Real” news are those national traditional media outlets such as the AP, Reuters, New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, etc. or local traditional media outlets such as or your local paper or television statements. Provide your opinion as to whether the legal issue was fairly or properly handled and why, or why not. After posting your article, select one of your classmate’s post and provide a brief (250 words or less) rebuttal, or additional argument in support of the position.

You will need to READ your classmates’ submissions BEFORE you post because your article must concern a different story or issue than earlier posted articles to receive credit so. An article on the same issue from a different source will not count as a different article. For example, if someone posts a New York Times article about the newest $500 gazillion dollars in tariffs that China or the U.S. decides to impose on the other, a student who subsequently posts Washington Post article on the same story will not receive credit. Interactive participation among multiple posts is welcomed. You must have your picture uploaded into Canvas to receive full credit.

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