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Explain the role of rituals in religious practice, including how they connect to worldview, myths and symbols.


In this discussion, you’ll be asked to:

  • Review materials on rituals.
  • Think about how you can apply what you’ve learned to analyzing other religious rituals.
  • Write about a specific religious ritual of your choice. (You can choose any religious ritual as long as it wasn’t covered in the modules or textbook or already posted by one of your classmates. This does not have to be the same ritual you choose for the ritual observation assignment (which will open next week).
  • Remember cultural relativism! Avoid sites/sources that use ethnocentric labels like “odd”, “strange” or “exotic” and make sure you are talking about the ritual from a perspective of cultural relativism.
  • Reply to at least two of your peers.

Initial Reply

I strongly recommend making an initial post early in the week calling dibs on the ritual you want to do so you don’t come back to post and find it is already taken! (Your dibs post won’t count towards the three post minimum though.) This also means you need to read other posts carefully.

By Thursday, post your answers to the questions below as your initial reply to this discussion.

You need to post:

  1. The name of the ritual
  2. What religion the ritual it is associated with
  3. A brief description of the ritual
  4. How the ritual would be classified and why – make sure to address all three types of classifications discussed in the modules/textbook:
    • Is it prescriptive or situational?
    • Is it periodic or occasional?
    • Is it a therapy, technological, or ideological or some other type?
  5. How the ritual links to worldview, myth and/or symbols (make sure to clearly label whichever of these you include!)
  6. You don’t need to post a picture this time, but make sure to cite your sources and feel free to post a link to a video or pictures if you find them.

Replies to Peers

reply to two peers. In your replies, ask any questions you have about their ritual and their analysis.. I will send the other replies once you choose question

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