Logo Assignment

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Zarsky Lumber Company
Logo Competition
About Zarsky Lumber Company:
? Opened in 1928
? Sold to Kodiak BP in 2015
? Family oriented
? Texas based
? Locally run and operated
? Invested in the community
What we are wanting:
? Three designso
Standalone logo
o Design for name
o Tag line (Currently “Building on service”)
? Unique Design
? Simple Design
? Something recognizable
? Maintain maroon color as key color
How we will use new logos:
? Signage on buildings / storefronts
? Design on doors of trucks
? Image on invoices / purchase orders / quotes
? Header on letterhead
? Various marketing materials
o Hats, uniforms, jackets, etc.
Sections of the logo assignment:
0.0 Cover page. (Should include company name, company logo, brand or mark, course number
and name, semester, your name and any other relevant information).
1.0 Table of Contents
2.0 Executive summary. Must include all the key points in your analysis and recommendations.
3.0 Introduction & Background of the company
4.0 Logo 3 designs
4.1 Standalone logo.
4.2 Design for name.
4.3 Tag line (Currently “Building on service”)
5.0 = Conclusion
6.0 = References (APA formatted and should be cross referenced in the body of your report).
Pages of the analysis:
Page 1: Cover page.
Page 2: Table of Contents
Page 3: executive summary. Must include all the key points in your analysis and
Page 3: Introduction & Background of the company
Pages 4-5 Logo 3 designs: Standalone logo. Design for name. Tag line (Currently “Building on
Page 6 = Conclusion
Page 6 = References (APA formatted
AIDitional guidelines:
Cover page should include the following statement:
I, ________Student name______________, hereby certify and warrant:
(a) that this logo is my original work;
(b) that I have acknowledged all the sources used in this paper.
(c) I understand that copying of another’s logo and representing it as my own work is a serious
academic offense, and should be treated as such.
There should be no plagiarism whatsoever. Your logo should be developed using your own
symbols and your own designs.
Use 1-3 references in your assignment. Your references should be APA formatted and cross
referenced in the body of your report.
Do not use more than 5 references in your assignment.
A company story can be found on their website, as well as a list of locations. www.zarsky.com
Do not contact the Zarsky Lumber Company without the consent of the instructor.
Q&A DB: post your questions about this assignment under the Q&A DB.
Email me if you like to see any clarifications or corrections to this assignment.
Contact person: We need 3 students to serve as the contact persons with the company. Email me
if you can help us to be the contact person with the company.
This assignment is going to be a competition. Student with the best logo will be recognized.
Save your file under your last name (e.g., Swaidan). Drop your file in the assignment box by the
scheduled date and time
Please follow these guidelines closely.
Prof. Swaidan.

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