Logistics and Global Terrorism

Logistics and Global Terrorism

Each SLP assignment consists of two activities. See SLP 1 for a complete description of each.

Activity 1 (Assessment Phase)

Refer to the organization nominated in SLP 1. Discuss the major operational threats the organization’s logistical functions face as a result of global terrorism.

Activity 2 (Improvement Phase)

What might the organization do better, to mitigate the terrorist threats to its logistics operations?

Armed forces personnel who cannot address these questions owing to security concerns should examine a larger question. What logistical threats does the nation face, and how can these risks be reduced?

SLP Assignment Expectations

Demonstrate an understanding of how domestic and global terrorism threaten the logistics of the nominated organization. Discuss how these risks may be mitigated. Creatively synthesize current and past course material to devise solutions that balance security with efficiency and effectiveness.

SLP General Expectations

  • Since this is a capstone course, you are expected to make full use of your detailed understanding of the material covered in this course, as well as earlier courses (LOG301, LOG302, and LOG401). You should display highly developed critical, analytical and expository skills.
  • Don’t write in checklist form. Integrate the information you find into a well-constructed essay.
  • You may not find specific information relating to this assignment. In that case, you will need to “fill in the gaps,” using your understanding of the company you’re analyzing, plus the sources listed on the Background Info page.
  • Style and format must comply with the Writing Style Guide. (TUI Guide, n.d.) This is not an English course; however, errors in spelling, grammar and style will be penalized.
  • Provide citations and references. Use of APA style is encouraged, but not required. Please see the TUI Writing Guide, or visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL, 2015).
  • There is 2  page requirement and references. Write what you need to write, neither more nor less.

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