LLD100WB SJSU Impacts Made at San Jose State to Increase Sustainability Memo

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that’s an memo for lecture.

the link of Lecture is https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=DBw1yueeMYg&feature=emb_logo

the requirement of memo are in the flies. please read the requirement and follow the example I giev to write this memo

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AUDIENCE & PURPOSE: Your audience for this essay will be prospective Engineering majors. Your writing purpose will be to tell them about why you made this decision and to help them understand the field you have chosen. LANGUAGE USE: Select language of an academic and scholarly nature—not informal or conversational. LENGTH: It is expected that memo will approximately 1 ½–2 pages. FORMAT: Memo must adhere to APA memo format. See rubric below. Brainstorm below before beginning to write your memo. Rubric (1) Correct Memo Format 1 New Times Roman 12 pt Single Space Headings (1) Subject Line: Gives complete subject being discussed in memo (1) Purpose: 2-3 sentences with strong verb: The purpose of this memo is to…(select verb carefully)analyze? explain? research? discuss? Check the prompt for clues as to your purpose for writing this memo; there can be two purposes: research and discuss. (1) Summary: 4-6 sentences. This is not an introduction to your topic. It is a summary of how you have set up your memo, what information you have included, and any recommendations you make. (1) Discussion: An intro paragraph, which gives a brief background of the topic. Paragraph includes a focus, thesis or argument. (1) Headings: Bold. Gives well-developed information indicated in the focus, thesis or argument. Sub Headings: Italics no bold. Gives sub information about heading. (1) Conclusion: A satisfying conclusion, often giving a recommendation. This is not a “letter” ending—asking for further communication. The conclusion refers back to the memo contents. (1) Adequate development: 1 1/2 full to 2 pages (not counting visuals) of thoughtful research, critical analysis. (1) Sentence format: Correct sentence structure (no run ons/fragments) Correct comma usage in sentence structure and grammatical elements Subject/Predicate clarity Verb tense (1) Language usage: Pronoun agreement Misuse of Pronouns “our” or “we” instead of precise Noun: ex: “Engineers” “Citizens.” Eliminate Wordy sentences/conciseness, word choice & clarity To: Fellow Engineering students at San Jose State University From: Simrandeep Singh Subject: Investments/ Impacts made at San Jose State to increase sustainability Date: October 28, 2019 Purpose The purpose of this memo is to introduce the various sustainability methods adopted by San Jose state university. It explains the approach taken towards sustainability and the impact it will make on the campus community. Summary Firstly, the memo will discuss how individual can impact their communities. Secondly, it will introduce some of the methods presented by Kristin Wonder during her GreenTalk. The memo will discuss the impacts of the implemented changes and followed results. It will talk about the positive impact created by the new methods. Lastly, it will provide some recommendations to increase sustainability which will bring a positive impact to communities. Discussion There has been a lot of discussion related to the topic of climate change. Different communities and states are taking steps to control the amount of pollution and waste in their localities. Kristin Wonder stated, “Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty” (Wonder. K., 2019). She emphasized the importance of nature and the need to preserve it. The engineers of the future will have to introduce sustainable methods that will bring a positive impact on their communities. There are different implementations but there is a need for better and sustainable methods. Individual Impact There are various sustainability methods implemented in recent years. “Colleges and universities often serve as incubators for new ideas. Students and faculty have the knowledge, energy, enthusiasm, and opportunity to do basic research and innovation”, (Cunningham, 2016, p. 393). Individuals can bring a lot of impact on the environment. Some of the methods include using VTA and light rail for commute, using a reusable container and reduce water usage. “Student organizations give you the opportunity to learn leadership skills, which are good for employment as well as for activism”, (Cunningham, 2016, p. 390). San Jose State has different groups can organizations that work achieving maximum sustainability on campus. Implementations on campus Kristin wonder (2019) mentioned five specific areas in which San Jose State has changed and created a positive impact. She mentioned that San Jose State is planning on increasing the usage of solar panels on campus (Wonder, 2019). The waste diversion rate at san Jose State has dropped by 83% (Wonder, 2019). A plastics policy was passed in December 2018 that eliminated plastic straws, bags, and Styrofoam from all California State University campuses (Wonder, 2019). The buildings on campus are made from LEED Silver which is more sustainable for the environment (Wonder, 2019). Most of the parking stations provide a free or reduced parking spot for VTA and light rail commuters. The following methods will motivate more students to create a positive impact on their surroundings and campus community. The Challenge of Sustainable Development The idea of sustainability needs to be implemented on a bigger scale. There has been a rise in the levels of greenhouse gases and the plastic is becoming a bigger problem for all countries. “Absolute sustainability may be an unachievable goal. Historically improving livelihood has involved increased consumption”, (Cunningham, 2019, p. 396). Figure 1. Introduces a model for solving the problem of sustainability. It shows that all sectors of the environment have to work together in order to achieve the required standards. It includes a green revolution, meeting basic needs, maintaining the ecosystem, and economic growth. The method will require a lot of investment and time but will create a positive impact on our society. Figure 1. A model of sustainability Retrieved from Cunningham (2016) p. 396 Conclusion The San Jose State campus community has implemented a lot of changes that are leading to a sustainable environment on campus. The individuals will have to step up to increase sustainability around them. The campus has passed laws that will ban the use of plastic and save water and resources on campus. There are more methods that can lead to increased sustainability. Individuals can carry reusable metallic bottles to decrease the usage of plastic. The growing population will lead to a demand for more resources. It is our responsibility as engineers to introduce new methods that our fellow individuals can follow and impact their communities. It is difficult to implement such actions while meeting the basic requirements, but the change starts from within. Individuals will have to put their needs aside to improve sustainability for their community. References Cunningham, W. & Cunningham, M. (2016). Principles of environmental science: Engineering reports. New York: McGraw Hill. Image Retrieved from Cunningham (2016) p. 396. Wonder. K. (2019, September 25). Managing sustainability at San Jose State University. GreenTalk Speaker Series. Lecture presented at San Jose State University. …

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