Assignment 2: Midweek Production Assignment: ABC Corporation Case

You are still in the information-gathering phase. What you should be seeing is that document gathering is a large part of civil litigation. Lawyers want all the information possible. This week, you will be asking ABC Corporation to provide information. Please make sure you ask for everything you can think of! If the other side objects, he/she/it will need to give a valid, legal reason. Further, some jurisdictions restrict parties to a certain number of requests. Why might that be?

You need to obtain discovery of the records of ABC Corporation regarding their work on a contract that they failed to perform for your client Ace, Inc. The contract required ABC Corporation to manufacture and deliver blue widgets.  

By using the FRCP_Rule 34 Template, prepare a Rule 34 Document Production Request on behalf of Ace, Inc. in the case against ABC Corporation. Make sure that you include the reason(s) for requesting the documents listed in the Rule 34 request and how the requested records will help in trial preparation. Click here to download and review the FRCP_Rule 34 Template.

Template is attatched

On a separate page, cite all sources using the Bluebook format.

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