Literature Review

Juvenile Gun Violence

  • Create a 12-15 page Literature Review on the topic chosen to explain how the resources you have chosen fit into the larger conversation regarding juvenile justic.A literature review is a summary of the published work on a particular topic.  It does not challenge that work, but provides a synthesis of it, to form a guide to the status of current thinking about that topic.  Literature reviews often give a research paper good background, but also can be a way to learn about important findings regarding subjects of interest.You will be using the same journal articles, studies, and other academic sources that you identified in your Week 5 Annotated Bibliography.Your full Literature Review should written in APAP format and should include the following:
    • Full literature review of sources.
    • A narrower description of the research to be conducted.
    • Discussion as to why this research is important.
    • Possible journals to which this research could be published, with justification. See “Call for Papers”
    • List of References

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