literature response

Read or re-read the assignment for Essay 3. Whether you choose the comparison essay or argument/position essay, you’ll need to find two relevant, credible sources to support your idea (no blogs).

With this in mind, start looking now. Find one source you think might be a good fit for what you have in mind. You are not tied to this idea; you can change your mind if you want, later.

  1. State what you think will be your main idea for your essay,
  2. discuss the source you found, why it is relevant and credible
  3. discuss how the source will be beneficial to your main point (what does it say?).
  4. Cite the source.

aim to :250 words

Textbook: The Classic Fairy Tales, edited by Maria Tatar (Norton) *Second Edition

and I’ll attach assignment for Essay 3


Please note this is very important that i’m an international student and my English level is 6/10 so it shouldn’t be a professional so don’t use high English level of vocabulary. Use only basics and normal ones.

Don’t use semi colons.

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