Liberty Factors for Determin

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The two main factors for determining blood pressure are peripheral resistance and………..
A. Cardiac output
B. Age
C. Pulse pressure.
D. Pulse deficit

Which of the following is an example of a peptide hormone?
A. Aldosterone
B. Serotonin
C. Gastrin
D. Prostaglandins
Which hormone acts on the intestines and causes increased calcium absorption?
A. Calcitonin
B. Calcitriol
C. Thyroxine
D. Pancreatic polypeptide
Melatonin is secreted by?
A. The pancreas
B. The pineal gland
C. The keratinocytes of the skin
D. The ovaries
Receptors are found all over the body and make us aware of the position and movement of the body in relation to its surrounding environment and body parts in relation to each other?
A. Proprioceptors
B. Retroceptors
C. Sensory receptors
D. Neural receptors

The enzyme pepsin digests which dietary component?
A. Protein
B. Fat
C. Carbohydrate
D. Vitamins

The primary phase in the regulation of gastric secretion and motility is called?
A. The swallowing phase
B. The gastric phase
C. The cephalic phase
D. The intestinal phase

The exchange of gases between alveoli and their surrounding capillaries is called …….respiration.
A. External
B. Internal
C. Intrinsic
D. Both external and internal
The wandering phagocytes found in the alveoli are called?
A. Alveolar macrophages
B. Pulmonary cells
C. Goblet cells
D. Chalice cells
The pharynx is divided into how many sub-divisions?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4

D. 5

Through which arteriole does blood exit the glomerular capsule?
A. Afferent
B. Efferent
C. Renal
D. Interlobular

The group of modified cells lying adjacent to the afferent and efferent arterioles is called?
A. The renal corpuscle
B. The juxtaglomerular apparatus
C. The peritubular network
D. The vasa recta
The mucosa of the large intestine produces ………….secretions?
A. Alkaline
B. Acidic
C. Neutral
D. Both alkaline and acidic
In the body, the liver is described as?
A. The heaviest and largest organ
B. The heaviest and second-largest organ
C. The largest and second heaviest organ
D. The second largest and second heaviest organ
Intrinsic factor is produced by which cells within the stomach?
A. Mucous cells
B. Chief cells
C. Enteroendocrine cells
D. Parietal cells

Which of the following people have the largest percentage of water in their bodies?
A. Fat men
B. Lean men
C. Lean women
D. Fat women

A complete set of chromosomes containing all the genetic information of an individual is called?
A. Their genome
B. Their genotype
C. Their autosome
D. Their sequence
The location of a specific gene on a chromosome is called?
A. The gene position
B. The gene location
C. The gene pocus
D. The gene locus

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