Leadership and Management of Strategic Change

Assignment Task
We live with a speed of change that the world has rarely seen. Revolutions in digitalization, connectivity and information sharing are generating trends such as the sharing economy, new marketing, the internet of things and big data that enable new modes of value-generation. Many fields such as neuroscience and biotechnology are gathering momentum and could produce changes that we cannot foresee. The balance of power in the global economy is shifting. Climate change is starting to be felt. What inspires awe – both in the sense of fear and excitement – is that these trends are only at the beginning. We don’t know how or how much they will still change. Only that they will change.

Ubiquitous connectivity will make changes volatile. Simple systems hardly exist anymore, almost everything has complex causality and what we do see is ambiguous at best. It takes a special kind of leadership to keep one’s bearings in these situations and to choose actions without knowing in advance if they will work. It requires a certain combination of leadership skills and mind sets to lead the creation of value without having a rulebook to follow. It bears resemblance to an artist’s way of thinking, being very alive and aware and willing to fail many times to discover what does really work.

Taking this perspective into account outline and critically evaluate the creative leadership of strategic change in your organisation and, if appropriate make recommendations to improve the implementation of change. Illustrate your answer by practical examples, and make reference to relevant literature to support your analysis. Where relevant, inform your answer by comparing the leadership of creativity, innovation and strategic change in your organisation to research findings and benchmark examples of successful practice in other businesses.


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Selected Organization is : Ooredoo Group (http://www.ooredoo.com/en)
Benchmark with Telecom companies


The leadership navigator is what our leadership strategy focuses on, namely the set of eight behaviors that we know our leaders need to be good at to deliver our business strategy. This is what our leadership development program is focused on building. I believe you already have information on these behaviors and how they support the business strategy.

Creativity is tapped into through several ways. We look at the concept of learning agility more carefully as a differentiator on potential. We also look at creativity in assessments process, to see to what extent to executives explore different options, before closing down on a decision. I’ve attached the Harvard Business Review in Class Profiles and decision styles that inform the process we use with assessments. Happy to talk to you through that if you like.

As for strategy and execution, this is also informed by the decision style tool. Here is an article that we have used with Dr Nasser and his top team in exploring how to close that gap.

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