Leadership and Ethics in Healthcare

1. Emotional intelligence is a value that keeps leaders respected, admired, emulated, and followed. Because emotionally intelligent leaders constantly better themselves to better serve others; they are self-aware, confident, enthusiastic, and energetic. 

–Develop feedback mechanisms 

–Know your intentions 
–Make time for self-reflection 
–Get a coach, confidant or mentor 
–Manage your emotions 
–Learn to deal with setback 
–Manage your energy level

Visit: http://psychology.about.com/library/quiz/bl_eq_quiz.htm and complete the Emotional Intelligence Quiz. Explain, in details, how YOU can improve your emotional intelligence based on three of the above listed principles.

2. Commitment is a value that measures the leaders’ dedication to her/his profession. Because commitment binds people to their work, it generates from them a strong work ethic, loyalty, pride, productivity, ownership and even joy. What does commitment mean to you? Name three steps that are most important for YOU to maintain commitment. Explain your answer.


APA format 300 words 

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