Law homework

I need help for a few questions for my law of the internet class. This is not a paper and does not have to be in that format. I just need half to 1 page answers for each question. Please do this in a question/answer format. its a homework assignment and not a paper. 

Question 1 –  Discuss in detail how to properly monitor and defend each type of intellectual property?  From application, to prosecution, to approval. (Only trademark and copyright)     Limit – 1 page (single spaced)

Question 2 –What is the “Sonny Bono” Act and why is it especially important to media entertainment companies (Walt Disney, Inc.)?    Limit – Half page (Single Spaced)

Question 3 – Given the changes to the copyright law in the last 25 years, examine and explain if the purpose and original intent of the copyrights is being maintained as the forefathers intended. 

Limit – Half page (Single Spaced)

Question 4 – For trademarks, we have stressed that the benefits of a trademark inure to the owner of the mark and not the mark itself.  Why is that?  What is the worry a trademark owner should have if the marketing efforts inure to the mark and not the owner?   Limit – Half Page (Single Spaced)

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