Law Firms and Social Media

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  • The firm is continually growing, and your supervising attorney is interested in increasing the firm’s online presence in an effort to increase its advertising. He would like the firm to have pages on all relevant social media and would like to include on the firm’s website a blog function where he and other attorneys in the firm would discuss current legal issues. He is concerned with the ethical implications of such an endeavor. Your supervising attorney has tasked you with creating a new social media and advertising policy for the law firm’s lawyers. You should research and craft a policy that incorporates the ethical rules for lawyers and paralegals in your state. At a minimum your policy should discuss any ethical issues with the following topics:
    • Attorney advertising on the internet and through social media
    • The implications of a blog function and whether it might be considered to be providing legal advice
    • Ethical rules surrounding “friending” clients and witnesses on social media.


  • Your policy should be approximately 3 pages, double-spaced, with proper spelling and grammar.

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