the question 24 ,25 you must answer perfect i put the file about the lecture notes ,and the book chapter 5 you help you for answer. Author(s):Epstein & Walker Text Title :Constitutional Law for a Changing America; Rights, Liberties, and Justice The question 26 essay question . i put the file the prof gave us help for answer . i put the sample essay question and sample eassy answer and sample test asnwer. this is the all example for answer but did not copy it beacause different question, just following the outline . for example Slander, issue ,Rule,Application, Conclusion: (tough to prove) Libel Issue: Rule: Application: Conclusion: Battery Issue: Rule: Application: Conclusion: Assault Issue: Rule: Application: Conclusion: the files at the beginning are just an example the last file i want you to answer questions 24,25,26

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