LAVC Fruit Walk Lesson Plan D

Lesson Plan Assignment

Pretend that you are a teacher and you want to teach a topic that relates to nutrition, health or safety to the children in your classroom. Select an age group and plan a lesson that is developmentally appropriate for the age group you selected. You can plan a lesson for toddlers, preschool age children or elementary school (K-5th grade). Refer to chapters 7, 10, 11,19 to help guide you with this assignment. You can also watch video about the ECE Competencies. 

The California Department of Education created the Early Childhood (Care) and Education Competencies. You can use these resources if you are planning a lesson for young children.

Below is a pdf of the entire ECE Competencies Handbook


Videos on ECE Competencies

These are areas of skills, knowledge, and dispositions that make a competent professional, that works with young children.

One of the competency areas is called “Health, Safety, and Nutrition” (see the 2nd video below)

View the videos for more information

Topics you can select from 



Fire Safety

Earth Quake Safety

Pedestrian Safety

Illness Prevention

Physical Activity/ Exercise

Stranger danger


Lesson Plan Format (Click on this link to download the lesson plan format) Download Lesson Plan Format (Click on this link to download the lesson plan format)

Complete the lesson plan by answering the following questions and following the lesson plan format. Write a complete and detailed lesson plan so that if another teacher wanted to duplicate this activity they would be able to understand the directions and get a clear picture of the activity and complete it successfully.

I. Name of the Activity (1 point)

What is the name of your activity?

II. Topic (1 point)

What health, safety or nutrition topic does your activity fall under?

III. Age & Number of Children (2 points)

What is the age of the children?

How many children can participate in this activity at a time?

IV.Materials Needed (2 points)

What materials do you need for this activity? List them so that if another teacher wanted to do this activity they would be able to understand what the materials were and how many were needed

V. Summary of the Activity (3 points)

Write a brief summary of the activity. What will the children be doing?

VI. Procedure (6 points)

Introduction: How are you going to introduce the topic to the children? Will you have an icebreaker? How will you grab their attention?

Middle: This is the meat of your activity. What are the children doing? What are the adults doing? Are there any transitions?

Ending: How will you end the activity?

VII. Developmental Domains (7 points)

Look at each domain (area) and explain how the activity will help children strengthen their development in each of the domains.

Physical Development: Gross and fine motor skills

Cognitive Development: counting, # recognition, letter recognition, shapes, colors, speech and language, classification, seriation, vocabulary, number concepts, science…

Social/Emotional Development: social interactions with other children, taking turns, sharing toys/materials, sharing ideas, helping peers, playing together, developing self -help skills, understand and expressing feelings…

VIII. Modifications (4 points)

What modifications will you make for children with disabilities like children with Autism, behavioral issues, children with limited mobility…?

IX. Rationale (4 points)

Why did you choose this topic?

Why did you choose this particular activity?

Why is this topic important for children to learn?

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