Lauren Rowland is a dentist in

Lauren Rowland is a dentist in Hebron, Kentucky, who recently entered into a contract to buy a new automobile. After signing to finance $38,000, she hurriedly left the office of the sales finance company with her copy of the contract. Later that evening, Lauren read the contract and noticed several clauses—an acceleration, a deficiency payments, a recourse, and a rule of 78s. When she signed the contract, Lauren was told these standard clauses should not concern her.

(a) Should Lauren be concerned about these clauses? Why or why not?

(b) Considering the rule of 78s clause, what will happen if Lauren pays off the loan before the regular due date?

(c) If Lauren had financed the $38,000 for four years at 6 percent APR, what would her monthly payment be, using the information in Table 7-2 or on the Garman/Forgue companion website?

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