Latin American political science disucssion writing

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Early this term we discussed three main challenges/goals that Latin American countries have faced historically and currently – development, democracy, and governance. Drawing on the case studies we’ve discussed this week (Mexico and Brazil) reflect on. and evaluate how these countries historically have balanced those goals and/or how they are doing so today.

Word count at least 400

Some questions to consider :(don’t need to answer all questions, but have answer at least 2 questions)

  • When have they gotten the balance right, if ever?
  • Is it possible to pursue all three goals at once or do countries face a trade-off between them (does, for example, promoting development mean restricting democracy?)
  • What are the main challenges to these goals these countries have faced and how well have they done overcoming them?
  • What hope do you have for these countries’ future ability to improve in the areas of democracy, development, and/or governance?

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