Lab_ Mechanical properties of Materials

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This is a progress check of your Theoretical Portion of your Combined Stress Lab. For this assignment:

Minimum requirement:
Submit a scan of the FINAL TWO PAGES of your Theoretical Portion of your Combined Stress Lab.

I will be looking at this page to see how your Theoretical Analysis for this lab worked out. The final two pages of the Theoretical portion contain:

The Superposition elements derived from the Theoretical analysis

Combined Stress_SuperpositionPage.JPG

AND your Mohr’s Circles and Principal Elements based on the Superposition Page.

Combined Stress_Mohrs_and_PrincElements.JPG

If you did everything correctly, I should be able to look at these TWO pages and verify you got everything right! If there are any issues, DON’T WORRY. This is a PROGRESS CHECK assignment.The purpose of this assignment is to make sure you’re done with the Theoretical Portion of the Lab ahead of time, so you have a reference for the remainder of the lab (Experimental Analysis and Comparison Components). If your values are off, you will NOT lose points! I will steer you back in the right direction so you can correct your values for the final submission.

If you would like to submit more than the one page, that’s fine! I just want those 2 in particular at the very least.

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