Lab report


Lab Report                                                                Name: ____________________




                                                                                 Section: ___________________






Semiconductor Temperature Sensor






Temperature (ËšC)

Voltage (V)
















1.     Using a computer spreadsheet program, graph the voltage vs. temperature using an X-Y scatter graph. Plot voltage in mV on the y-axis and temperature in oC on the x-axis. Use the trendline function to calculate the slope. Do not try to force the line through the origin (0). Display the slope on your graph.










Creative Challenge: Think about and design a modification of this experiment that allows you to insert the diode in a small beaker or pot of water. You could start with boiling water and lower the temperature by adding ice cubes. Do NOT allow the probes from the multimeter to come in contact with water! Record data and prepare a graph as before. How do the results from the two experimental methods compare?










Temperature (ËšC)

Voltage (mV)



















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