l Doing Visual Sociology

Doing Visual Sociology
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Visual Project

3000 word report on visual project which draws on concepts and topics aIDressed throughout the module.
Your task is to conduct a mini visual research project on one of the following topics:
– a place
– a work activity
– a journey
– youth
– family
First, you must decide on a topic area and think of a research question to guide your study. Remember: simple is good. For instance, you might visually document and analyse a day in someone’s working life, your journey to university or work, the ways in which space is inhabited in a local café, and so on.
Choose something that you are interested in and that is amenable to sociological exploration through the visual.
Be clear about what you are trying to find out.

You may make use of existing images – but be sure to attribute their source – but it is essential that you produce your own images for this assignment.
In your project report, include the following:
– Set out your topic and research question(s) and explain why they can be explored through the visual
– You will need to identify and discuss some topic-based literature to support your work according to the focus of your project
– Present and critically assess what you did (‘methodology’) in terms of the identification and production of ‘visual data’ – include a discussion of the process of undertaking this work and what that felt like as a way of ‘doing sociology’
– Analyse and discuss your images, making reference to composition, content, meaning, and context
– Discuss what sociological knowledge can be gained by working with the visual in this way, including any limitations
– Make explicit use of several visual methods books/journal articles, AND several books/journal articles relevant to your topic
– Discuss the ethical implications of your research and how you ensured you acted ethically
– Feel free to write in the first person, and more generally to take advantage of the latitude in this module for creativity in expression and re-presentation?

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