KNOMO (pronounced nö-mo) is a

KNOMO (pronounced nö-mo) is a designer and manufacturer of bags with a mission to “create perfect accessories that are beautiful on the outside and smart on the inside … and perfectly organise your life.” They focus on designing bags and accessories (e.g., phone, tablet, and laptop cases) that make carrying around technology much easier for people’s busy lives and include a number of features to create a good number of benefits for customers (e.g., detachable shoulder straps, specifically-designed pockets for gear, location finder RFID tag, etc.). They have analyzed several of their key segments and discovered that their “Stylish Consultant” segment tends to buy the highest margin bags from KNOMO, but also report not using many of the features of the bag and, thus, not experiencing the full set of benefits that the bags have to offer. Given this information about the “Stylish Consultant”, we could say that this segment fits into which customer value category.

• free riders
• lost causes
• star customers

• vulnerable customers

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