King Abdulaziz Genetic Algorithms & Artificial Neural Networks Research Paper

Question Description

1. Select a topic such as genetic algorithms, artificial neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence, quantum computing, etc. and identify 2 applications where it is used.

2. Select a survey paper of your topic and as many as you wish other papers detailing techniques in your topic and their applications.

3. Read and understand your selected papers and write a paper using the paper template supplied herewith.

4. Make sure the writing is in your own words with references throughout the text when you are addressing issues or results from the literature. Your paper will be examined by a similarity detection system where 15%-20% means 10% off, 21-25% means 25% off, more than that means 100% off.

5. The abstract should include: Focus, objectives, methodology, result, and conclusion in about 300 words.

6. The Introduction should indicate the objectives of the study and provide enough background information to clarify why the study was undertaken and what hypotheses were tested.

7. Followed by sections about your subtopic including related work, techniques details, applications, comparison, etc.

8. A conclusion of your work and finding.

9. List of references.

10. Use times roman 11pts for text and 12 pts bold for section titles. Use 1.5 spacing.

11. Prepare 10 ppt slides from your paper to present in class. Be informative and concise.

12. Make up 5 questions that the listeners can answer.

13. Submit soft copies in word and ppt of the paper, questions, and presentation and give your classmate a copy.

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