kina 2a health dicussion

Help me study for my Health & Medical class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

1.Within the process of eating nutritionally sound, food labels play a significant role. Do you take the time to read the food labels while shopping for your groceries? Why? Why not? Please be detailed in your answers. Proofread your post for spelling and grammar errors. You will lose points if errors are found. (10 points

2. reply to student post below.


Cidney Putynkowski

Unfortunately, I do not take much time to read food labels. I generally buy what my recipe calls for. The only labels I directly pay attention to are the labels on milk and meats. I pay attention to the expiration date as well as the amount of fat. I try to buy things that are labeled as “non fat” or “low fat” or “low sodium”. My family has a history of diabetes and my boyfriends family has a history of heart disease. We both do not want to end up with these problems so we try to buy foods that are labeled with non fat, low sodium, no sugar; things of that nature. Because we shop this way I have never thought to actually stop and read the back labels on some of these items to see if they are actually healthier for me, I just assume they are because they are not the regular version packed with fats, salt and suga

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