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Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that summarizes, analyzes, and evaluates the practicum experience and the achievement of your personal learning objectives in your Practicum Learning Agreement.


Practicum Goal: To integrate nurse’s knowledge and skills to ensure the delivery of nursing care in a long term care setting by analyzing,
  developing, implementing, and evaluating an effective nursing orientation program.





Evaluate the effectiveness of the practicum project.

Analyze, critically, your learning experience in relation to the MSN Program Student Learning Outcomes. Include how you incorporated and applied the MSN Program Student Learning Outcomes during the practicum.

Evaluate how your practicum experience contributes to the development of your professional nursing career.

Include documentation from your research that supports or enhances your learning experience. A minimum of four peer-reviewed references are required.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.



Master of Science in Nursing Program Student Learning Outcomes


For the Practicum Evaluation Summary Paper, include how you incorporated and applied these outcomes during your practicum:



Students will be able to apply Evidence-BasedPractice decision-making to enhance safe client care in a variety of settings.


Students will be able to demonstrate leadership and advocacy skills to affect change.


Students will be able to apply ethical principles and express values of human diversity in a health care environment.


Students will be able to apply theories related to professional and leadership roles that support the advancement of nursing practice.


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