Kelly Jacobs ONLY!

Question#1: The police are a values-based decision maker; what is meant by this statement and why is it important to understand?

Question#2: What is meant by the working personality of the police and how does this relate to the police culture?

Question#3: What is meant by “Dirty Harry” problem and why is this important in understanding police behavior and ethics?

Question#4: Muir’s recommendation for officers faced with means-ends conflicts was to combine passion with perspective. Explain what he means?

Question#5;  Is about the video interview with Lt. Delmonico. This interview brought out many significant points about ethics and there importance. Explain Lt. Delmonico’s main points and answer why they are important to the criminal justice practitioner. This is not just a short paragraph, but demonstrate your understanding.

Question#6: Last week we studied the concept of the “Social Contact” and how this applies to the five standards as identified in “Power and Restraint” and how we will begin to apply the five standards. Explain “Social Contact Theory” and the five standards and why this is important in our study of criminal justice ethics.

Questions#7: In “Power and Restraint” the focus was on restraint when addressing a difficulty conflict at the “Rock Concert”. Explain why the action suggested would be the best course of action when applying the moral standards to police work and with a focus on the “Social Contract”.

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