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The goal is to have an introduction where you introduce the topic, then the main body where you develop all the ideas written in the format (3 points) and more using the in text citations, quotes and short burst quotations just like the professor is asking (very important). the reference page needs to be in APA 7 format please and the conclusion very detailed and clear. 


  • Thesis statement:  Saving money after paying expenses will make financial life easier by avoiding debts, reduce personal economic shopping and save money for retirement. 
  • 1-Avoiding debts make financials easier and less stressful. Nowadays people spend more than what they can afford, debt is the number one temptation. Debts are a solution for immediate buying without having to worry about the pain of parting with money.  Another reason why debts should be avoided is because debts cost money, fees are applied whenever the card is swiped. Avoiding debts helps secure individual’s money in the future since debts loans are basically borrowing money people hope to earn in the future. 
  • 2-Reducing personal economic shopping will help save money for the future, nowadays society is known as a consumer society where buying became a normal habit. In order to reduce personal economic shopping customers need to focus on identify the real need, remove temptation and definitely pay attention to the excuses by revisiting the why is there a need to buy and focus more in saving for retirement or other more important life problems.
  •  3-Saving money for retirement is very important and everybody should take this matter seriously because if not, people would have to rely on social security benefits, which are never sure or guaranteed, if you have a family, you want to make sure your children have everything they need and you are able to pay education and medical fees.  Saving money early is a good way of having money to invest over time and have a guaranteed income. 

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