Justice in the Western Tradition

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Original post should be 500 words and be constructed like a short essay. Use the prompts to help you develop a thesis statement. Use evidence from the assigned sources to help support your assertions. No conclusions are necessary in original posts. To earn the full 5 points for the post, you must substantively respond to one colleagues’ post. 150 words is a meaningful response length.

Assignment: What is your favorite justice related book or film? Provide a quote that you think is important to your understanding of justice. Then respond to the following questions: Is justice the same as fairness? Should the institutions of law enforce justice? If so, whose understanding of justice should they enforce? Should justice address the relative value of lives? (i.e. historically women’s lives, the lives of people who were not European, and the lives of animals were determined to be less valuable than the lives of white men)

Respond to a classmate.

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