Journal Palliative and Hospice Care

Assignment #2: Journal Palliative and Hospice Care: An Approach to Health Promotion.

In this course, we consider vulnerable populations and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention standards. We look at content through the lens of pediatrics, women’s health, adults, mental health, and the elderly. Having just completed exercises related to the five levels of prevention in Week #1, consider what you have learned and how to apply Quaternary Prevention.

Watch the following video and write a one-page journal submission regarding your thoughts about the use of palliative and hospice care as an option for health promotion. In what scenario(s) might this be applicable? Have you ever thought about palliative and hospice care promoting health? Why or why not?

You may journal in first person, and this assignment does not require references as it is your thoughts; however, a minimum of one reference is required to be considered exemplary work. If you choose to use quotes or citable material, you are expected to follow APA formatting.

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