Journal #3

Can you help me understand this English question?


To begin this assignment, compose your Journal 3 answering the following prompt:

For most of us, our pets are practically family; I know mine are. Even if we don’t necessarily feel that deeply about them, they are, undoubtedly, a part of our lives. Pets can be a blessing and a curse. They lick us when we are sad, and, sometimes, they even cry with us. The jump all over us when we are happy, and they are always happy to see us! On the downside, they eat your stuff (my deaf one ate my brand new, $1800 couch), they destroy your yards (I was a pioneer in drought tolerant yards when the dogs turned my side yard to a dirt patch), and, typically, to add insult to injury, after they have destroyed something, they are sick and require a vet visit! Of course, the saddest part is that we are destined to outlive them, ugh!

What is the point?

Describe for me your favorite pet story. Tell me what type of animal, its name, and what happened. However, the story cannot end in the pet’s death! If you make me cry, I am giving you a 0 for this journal entry!


For those of you who do not have, and never have had, or simply do not have a pet story worthy of sharing, you can, instead, describe your biggest pet peeve, that thing that makes you nuts (no, it cannot be me!).

Write your answer in a short paragraph (150-200 words).